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  • On Customer Facing IDs and Codes

    I was eating breakfast this morning when I noticed a receipt from Best Buy. I read the following at the bottom:

        Your Customer Service PIN is:
             nnnn nnn nnnn 022019

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  • Making your Website Git Enabled

    This guide will help you to setup your own git enabled website. Let’s say that I have a web server on tar.ninja. tar.ninja will also own a git repository that stores the website files. Furthermore, when you have a change to the website, once you run git push the server’s website will automatically update.

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  • Enabling PHP in Mailinabox

    Enabling PHP in mailinabox is fairly simple. Although, how to do it is not well documented at all. Furthermore, if you read the forums you get a solution but there is no explanation of how it works.

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  • Mailinabox Shout-Out

    This is just a short shout-out for mailinabox. It is a great project that makes setting up a secure mail server a breeze. (As of the time I am writing this this I am using this for as my primary email.)

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  • Installing Arch Linux with Full Disk SSD Caching

    This is a guide about how to setup an Arch Linux system with a main HDD for storage and a SSD used as a backing to speed up data transfers. (Especially recently used data)

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Jeremy Runyan
Jeremy Runyan

I recently graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science at Colorado State University.

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