This is just a short shout-out for mailinabox. It is a great project that makes setting up a secure mail server a breeze. (As of the time I am writing this this I am using this for as my primary email.)

Some nice features of mailinabox (Go to their site more some more):

  • Generate and upload SSL certs to let’s encrypt for free.
  • Support for mail aliases and catchall aliases.
  • Optionally to manage all DNS for your domain(s).
  • Host static html websites for each domain and sub-domain you own. (It is possible to enable PHP and other cool stuff but this isn’t supported.)
  • Has a API that can be used to add email accounts, change DNS (if hosted locally), change mail, etc. on the fly with ease.
  • Personal cloud support using ownCloud.
  • And of course much more stuff too!